August 22, 2010

Desolation Sound, BC, Canada

So I've just returned from a 6 night Kayak trip in Desolation Sound.
It was wonderful and fantastic and I now present you with a photo montage of my week:

Lund, BC. Launching two double kayaks and all our stuff for a week

Camp, Night one. Copeland Islands, BC
4 nmi from Lund

 View from Base Camp (nights 3-5) on the Curme Islands, BC
11 nmi from Copelands
That's Otter Island across the fetch, and the Desolation Range beyond

and it was warm enough to swim and go cliff jumping everyday,
after we returned from our daytrips

Just over my head is Mt. Spooner, I kid thee not. 
also got stung by a jellyfish here.

Camp, Night 6, the Copeland Islands

The Last Sunset of our trip

Conclusion it was wonderful, fun, exciting, and relaxing. Would I do it again, maybe. There really wasn't enough to fill the day with paddling, but it was still fun. And we met loads of interesting - though American- people. For being in Canada, the majority of the people we ran into were Statesiders. Which was kind of disappointing, because I happen to like Canada. 

August 3, 2010


Thunderstorm is outside
my window
knocking to be let in and bring the dance hall
of strobe and bass into my door.
Rain adds its own muted cacophony to the mix
like drum brushes in a jazzy electric number.

or is it giants playing field games in
lands we cannot see?
Their friday-night-lights filtering into our lands?

This concert hall of mountains reflecting light
and sound
back and back and back again
and doubling around for more

The backdraft wind chasing the tail of the
noisy monster
over the pass in the mountains
to the flatlanders that live beyond.
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