September 26, 2010

Peanut Kicking Time

I've just returned from a little over a week on the Kilo Moana.
Its a research vessel owned by the University of Hawaii and the US Navy and operated by UH.
it looks like this:

From here the pictures are nonchronologically ordered, so I'll just caption them...
Sun through cloud breaks. 5 nautical miles Southeast of Kilauea. 

my cousin's dogs: Richelle Chompski and Lucille Fernandez...I kid you not.

our lab.

bridge of the ship!

Mauna Loa...50 nautical miles southeast of the Big Island

Sunrise baby

self portrait

Yellow ginger... there are entire walls of this stuff up on the Pali lookout road
Peanut overboard! Jackie (cheif scientist), Dan (Woods Hole Oceanographical Institute), Mike (AB) and Tim (WHOI as well)

Leaving honolulu for Lo'ihi!

deploying MAGGY :)

Sunset over water

Kilauea ocean entry. The stream of steam is the tubed over lava flowing downhill

03 deck and the bridge

Honolulu at night from the 02 deck

watching our gangway be lifted away by a crane

The other hull! its a catamaran...

justin whipping ropes. we descended upon him and demanded to be taught how. we did all the lines on the ship that day.

Kilauea entry in the evening

view from Pali

LOOK!! a deserted beach! the portugese man o' war were in.

So there's a snapshot of my adventure. maybe i'll write a more detailed report of exactly what science we were doing/what I learned later. 

September 14, 2010

September Hikes and Stupid People

Because I had a lot of time on my hands before I had to pack, I went hiking.

Hike Number 1
I went up the Teanaway Drainage in the Wenatchee National Forest, and hiked into Gallagher Head Lake.
Its about 4 miles in. Along the way you get to see pretty Sub-Alpine country like this:
and this:

and this:

and then we got the lake, which was gorgeous and looks like this:

Gorgeous, right? Stunning, no? WELL. What you don't see in this picture, because I very carefully kept it out of my shot, is that you can drive to the Lake. Yeah. DRIVE. So there's a huge camp of stupid lazy people tearing around on their dirt bikes and ATVs in this beautiful area. So not environmentally responsible.

Hike number 2 
I went up Rattlesnake Ledge. Not very exciting, or very long, But it was a lovely day and you can see a long ways.
AND the lovely beautiful Glynis hiked it with me, which made it all more enjoyable.

September 12, 2010

Fuck Clothes. Imma run around naked.

Unlike the seeming majority of my fellow female population, I despise shopping.
Nothing fucking fits. Ever.

Let me give you a shining example.
For my birthday, the big 2-1, my 110-lb 73-year-old grandmother took me out to find dressy clothes.  Her idea of dressy clothes and my idea of dressy clothes Do. Not. Jive.
She thinks that a button-down blouse is a good idea. Newsflash: I have a small rib cage and comparatively gigantic boobs. It ends up something like this:

Not pretty. Slutty, maybe, but classy it is not. Edit: not my picture, but google performed beautifully when I entered "poorly fitting blouse". The Goog wins again.

I also have short legs with huge quads (thank you bike), a big ass, and a small waist. Thus, pants don't fit either. You have to fit them to my quads, which makes acres of fabric around my ankles and my waist. 

I will end up in a sack-dress, I just know it. 

There's a reason I shop the thrift stores, people already wore them, which generally means they have real-people sizes. Which is a welcome change.

Seriously, I walked into JC Penny with Grandma, who asked the saleswoman for the "college age clothes". Saleswoman directed us to Teeny-bopper Land. Do I look like a Teeny-bopper?! DO I??We asked a baffled Saleswoman for the "young professional clothing" and she sent us to Old Lady Land. What The Hell? Do young people  not go on interviews anymore??

Macy's was the same story. 

What the fuck? What do 30-yr old career professionals wear? More importantly, WHERE DO YOU FIND IT??

I ended up with a black suit from Ann Taylor's, which is a bit funeral-y, but Nothing Else Fit. 

 The gremlins in the clothing industry must get a kick out of watching me try on clothes that 10 times out of 10 do not fit. Fuck you, Gremlins, fuck you. 

September 10, 2010

Old Dead (or close to) Comedians

I have a love for old comedy. By old I mean oldish, the stuff your parents thought was funny and that the hipsters are bringing back. These guys were witty, clever, fast, unscripted gods in their time.
Here's my list, in no chronological order:

John Belushi

Come on, this guy is gold. Sure, he did drugs...but everyone did in the 80s.  This is the comical-genius frat guy in Animal House, whose inspirational speech was both a call to arms and a jab at the lacking educational system..."was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No! And it isnt over now!"
He was on the Saturday Night Live cast for a solid time, and hit it big with the Blues Brothers "Soul Man" parody.
Besides that, check out the eyebrows. Those are some business eyebrows.

George Carlin

This guy. Maybe the most popular stand-up comedian in the Time-Before-Dane-Cook. Most of his routines (at least the early ones) were recorded but not telecast due to the crass-ness factor and the language content. But my gods, he's funny. He's ridiculously good at poking fun at popular society, politics, religion, and the english language. Which is refreshingly honest in today's society of smothering spoon-fed idealism. 
Also, he looks like my buddy Charlie a little bit, which is kind of awesome. Mental note to ask if they are related...

Fawlty Towers

This was the brainchild of John Cleese of Monty Python fame.  Its the saga of the family  that runs a hotel (Fawlty Towers) and the waiter/server/handyman who helps out. Its riotous good fun, and the repartee is a hoot. 

Eric Idle

Musician, Stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, musical comedy, cross-dressing on stage. Who needs more?

I'll leave you with this short list, but rest assured more will come. I love too many to fit into one tiny blog post. 
Ah, twisted senses of humor...

September 9, 2010

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