October 28, 2010


ah halloween.
What do people think of Farrah Fawcett a la Charlie's Angels?

October 25, 2010

Late Nights = Weird Dreams

I had a strange dream last night.
I was working in a bar in the old west during a horserace. Like, one of those distance ones.
I befriended one of the racers, whose name was Bentley.
Somehow us being friends was against some racing-regulation somewhere and everyone got pissed off.
So then, under the pretense of helping him move ropes and whatnot, I told him about some tricky parts of the race.
This race was supposed to start in the barn (one of those big old ones you can drive a haymachine into) make a loop, go back through the barn and out to some cliffs and stop there.
I was standing in the bar looking out at the barn and Bentley didnt come through...and didnt  come through... and didnt come through.
So I saddled my horse, rode out the cliffs, and there he was. He'd taken the wrong turn and had broken the ribbon on the finish line. Everyone was going to be very angry when they saw, so I put the two of us on my horse and sent his back. Then I rode down a steep trail cut into the cliffs to some pueblos built into the rock.
For some reason, there were still people who lived in them.
They led us through a tunnel and out the other side of the mesa, and we rode to safety.

Maybe I should not stay up so late....

October 16, 2010

Market Day

I love Farmer's Markets. I love seeing the people that believe in growing healthy vegetables sell to people who believe in buying healthy vegetables. I love seeing young couples with their sleeve tattoos and facial piercings talk to farmers about the price of kohlrabi while tucking the hand-crochet blanket more snugly around the baby, even though I'm pretty sure the popularity of kohlrabi is on the decline. How the hell do you cook that, by the way?
I love seeing the frugal college students pick through produce to find the One Tomato that perfectly aligns with their lunch.
Today I saw the man who sells ceramics with his newsprint-patterned apron balance a blond curly-haired two year old on one arm and make a transaction with the other.

I love finding artfully displayed goods that shows just how much care they put into their goods. 

Someone I don't know who I thought looked artsy; thus I crept up and snapped his photo.

I hear sad chickens make shitty eggs, so I'm glad these ones are happy.

October 6, 2010

Two Posts in one day? Say WHAT?

Dear Bellingham,
What the hell?
You are supposed to be the nice, safe, hippie, green, sustainable city that I know and love you to be.
What's up with this streak of violence?
Get your shit together.
Love Britta

They found Dwight Clark today. He's been missing for a week, and they found him in the Bay this morning. This is not Bellingham. 

Rest in Peace, Dwight. 


I wasn't going to blog about this.
I really wasn't.
It hits too close to home to share with the world.
But then I decided that maybe someone, somewhere needs to hear this.

So here we go.

A good friend of mine who I worked with over the summer committed suicide.
He was 16, star of  the wrestling team, in Leadership classes, stellar student, a hard worker.
I went to his memorial this past saturday, where the news really hit home. I got the call while I was at sea, and was unable to process what was being relayed across oceans for the work that needed to be done. I figured I owed it to myself to be present on that ship and engage myself in it whole-heartedly. I'm glad I did, but it also meant shutting down the emotional stream that usually follows news such as this. So sitting in my old high school gymnasium, listening to eulogies, I let it hit.
It was ugly, it was painful, and it was healing.
I miss that kid like crazy.

I've been to too many funerals for kids.
and it never gets easier.
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