October 16, 2010

Market Day

I love Farmer's Markets. I love seeing the people that believe in growing healthy vegetables sell to people who believe in buying healthy vegetables. I love seeing young couples with their sleeve tattoos and facial piercings talk to farmers about the price of kohlrabi while tucking the hand-crochet blanket more snugly around the baby, even though I'm pretty sure the popularity of kohlrabi is on the decline. How the hell do you cook that, by the way?
I love seeing the frugal college students pick through produce to find the One Tomato that perfectly aligns with their lunch.
Today I saw the man who sells ceramics with his newsprint-patterned apron balance a blond curly-haired two year old on one arm and make a transaction with the other.

I love finding artfully displayed goods that shows just how much care they put into their goods. 

Someone I don't know who I thought looked artsy; thus I crept up and snapped his photo.

I hear sad chickens make shitty eggs, so I'm glad these ones are happy.

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