February 23, 2010

F Y Eyes

So poking about in the internet today I came across this:

If Vocal Jazz isn't your thing, there's always this:

 Its infectious and so much fun to watch. I guarantee you'll love it. These are some very talented musicians, and entertaining as well.

Enjoy :)

February 18, 2010

A Study Break...and Some Thoughts

  •  Someone else is pregnant from the valley. Again. No surprise there.
  • I had an argument/discussion with someone from my high school about how being gay is "bad for you" because "the bible told me so". Also being gay is a "learned behavior" didn't you know? She's a psych major. There was no provoking, no baiting, nothing, and BAM unleash the diatribe against any/all alternative lifestyles.  How do these people function in today's world? Closing statement? "I don't care what science says, its wrong, and Lady Gaga is creepy." Thank you for your thoughts, you are excused to go now.
  • Music will be a'happenin' tonight as well as dancing. I'm excited. I mean, I know I do this every week, but every week I enjoy myself. And today I've got a fun little treble reel to teach. It'll be great!
  • Speaking of Lady Gaga, I'd like to point out that she's a rhythmic genius and that I always am curious as to what she is wearing. How the hell does she pull all that off and make it look so good?? It must have something to do with being a size infinitesimal and having a great body to go with it. It takes a lot of muscular strength to do what she does and dance and sing and not lose any of the musicality of it. I'm in awe.
  • I've been loving watching the Olympics lately, even though NBC does a terrible job covering it. I love you, Lindsey Vonn!  I've also been enjoying seeing other familiar names from past Olympics come up. (Axel Lund Svindal, Julia Mancuso, Anja Pearson, Bode Miller, Hannah Teter, Kelly Clark, I'm talking to you) 
So now homework calls again, and I'm off to tangle with numbers, letters, and greek symbols. Fantastic.  

February 16, 2010

A letter to my Insides

Dear Guts,
Please figure yourselves out and get back to normal.
Enough with the death cramps. Can we be done now?
Much Love


February 9, 2010

A Haircut and a Dash of Cake

Today turned into a Grand Adventure. I went to Hooligans to get a haircut (badly needed). So I called yesterday, set up an appointment for noon, and went downtown today to do it. I was a little early, but that's just how I am, so whatever. I walked to the storefront and Lo and Behold, it was gone! I peered in the windows to see rubble and office chairs with the stuffing coming out, all covered in a fine coating of dust. A bit of the old lettering was still on the windows as well as a tiny sign that declared that they had moved. No kidding. The new address was up on Samish, which is a healthy walk any day (its straight uphill for like 2 miles). So I set out to walk up there. I made it in time for my appointment, which was extraordinary given the amount of distance and elevation I needed to cover in ten minutes. I arrived at Hooligans, which is quite the place. It is painted a bright shade of bad-ass red and has black leather chairs. The tool stations (for haircuts/piercings/tattoos) are industrial workstations (think red and chrome diamond-plating) and are covered in liberal political bumper stickers. The atmosphere of the whole place is quite overwhelming. The bumping tunes are loud enough to be raucous, but not too loud for conversation. The whole place simply oozes badassery. The people are, however, very friendly and chatty, and do remarkable work. And so I got a haircut.  And it was cheaper than I thought it was going to be. And Its a very good haircut.

Following this (and a physics lab) was a trip to the bank to kick some butt (the numbers don't match up) which was resolved, even though the teller was possibly thee single most unhelpful being ever.

Studying then ensued, but was immediatly set aside for the baking of a cake. Among the more valuable things I have learned lies the fact that if you give people cake, they get silly. So that led to a very enjoyable, giggling evening.

I have been doing homework ever since, and felt the need to write, instead of do math.
So there we are.
Mission Accomplished.
and now, back to numbers....

February 8, 2010

Bike Love

So now that my bike is up here, and I've ridden it around, I'm absolutely clueless as to why I didn't bring it up sooner. I went for a ride today and loved it. Unfortunatly I forgot the bike shorts at home (they have fancy butt pads) and so now my ass hurts. But it was so, so worth it.
I love that I ride a mens bike, as the girly ones just simply won't cut it for me.
I need my bike to climb trees.

In other news, my math homework remains undone, even though I really wanted to be ahead this week.
I suppose that's what I get for going on a ride instead. 
Bah, math homework, that's just because you know not the joys of riding. 

February 5, 2010

A Shameless Plug

I saw the Senate Band recently, which was. fucking. amazing.
If you don't know who they are, they are an all-acoustic rock band out of Seattle. They are three highly talented musicians and I've seen their equal nowhere.
Here's their website if you want to look them up ( which of course, you do): http://senateband.com
they are The Shit.
  Their lyrics are complex, poetic, metaphoric, symbolic, political, and incredible. I've seen them several (6) times, and every single time, they blow my mind!

They are also  a lot of fun to talk to, very witty, and hilarious.

If you are interested, they play Feb 6th (that's tomorrow!) at the Triple Door in Seattle.

Photo Credit: Dana Hubanks (2010)
ok, shameless plug over.

February 2, 2010

Well Now Sunshine.

I had an absolutely lovely day.
I went and danced and worked on some choreography. Its coming along nicely, though I miss my dance partner (damn you Seattle!).
Ate lunch with two awesome people and scurried off to lab, where we launched things out of cannons (does it get any better???)
Post lab, I went to for a walk and had a chance to get something off my chest that had been there awhile, and feel loads better for it.

In other news: Today is feel like I needed a bit of a bad-ass swagger to accompany me on my journeys about town/campus. Some days I just feel that I need to capitalize upon the good mood and general cheer of the day and add a bit of a gangsta swagger to my walk. Not that I'm a gangsta or anything remotely legit like that, but hell, why not, right?

February 1, 2010


  • I'm exhausted. I was up until midnight Saturday night, got up at 5:30 Sunday morning to go to the mountain, skied hard all day, went to bed at one, and got up at eight. I'm running on the minimum of sleep required, and ugh, it kills.
  • I also think maybe I am coming down with something, as I have a bit of phlegm lodged in my throat that is stubbornly refusing to leave. 
  • I am feeling sort of involuntarily grumpy, which is making me, ironically, grumpy because I would very much like to be cheerful, as it that is the usual modus operandi. 
  • Thus, I am attempting to consume large quantities of tea, as it usually makes my throat happier, as well as my general disposition overall. 
  • Also, I miss Hawaii. I would love to go back, as it was absolutely gorgeous.
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