February 1, 2010


  • I'm exhausted. I was up until midnight Saturday night, got up at 5:30 Sunday morning to go to the mountain, skied hard all day, went to bed at one, and got up at eight. I'm running on the minimum of sleep required, and ugh, it kills.
  • I also think maybe I am coming down with something, as I have a bit of phlegm lodged in my throat that is stubbornly refusing to leave. 
  • I am feeling sort of involuntarily grumpy, which is making me, ironically, grumpy because I would very much like to be cheerful, as it that is the usual modus operandi. 
  • Thus, I am attempting to consume large quantities of tea, as it usually makes my throat happier, as well as my general disposition overall. 
  • Also, I miss Hawaii. I would love to go back, as it was absolutely gorgeous.

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