February 2, 2010

Well Now Sunshine.

I had an absolutely lovely day.
I went and danced and worked on some choreography. Its coming along nicely, though I miss my dance partner (damn you Seattle!).
Ate lunch with two awesome people and scurried off to lab, where we launched things out of cannons (does it get any better???)
Post lab, I went to for a walk and had a chance to get something off my chest that had been there awhile, and feel loads better for it.

In other news: Today is feel like I needed a bit of a bad-ass swagger to accompany me on my journeys about town/campus. Some days I just feel that I need to capitalize upon the good mood and general cheer of the day and add a bit of a gangsta swagger to my walk. Not that I'm a gangsta or anything remotely legit like that, but hell, why not, right?

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