May 29, 2010

The Douchebag Report

Yesterday I was at a birthday party thrown for one of our friends. It was on the smaller side, but respectable nonetheless. It was great fun and there was widespread jubilation on all fronts. We knew nearly everyone there minus maybe 10 people, but we assumed they were friends of friends, so therefore would/should be okay. 

and then, douchebag-ery struck.

We are missing two ipods, a cell phone, a black Helly Hanson jacket, and green DC shoes. So please be on the lookout for these items! Spot 'em on people on campus, around town, or if you have ties like that, the black market. Wherever, just lets all have eyes on the street. 

Just when you thought the damage had been done, the douchebag struck again. Not sure if it was the same douche or not, but for the purposes of this, let's assume that it is. 

Here's the long short: no, wait, you don't want to read that.

Here's the short story: Some asshole put something drug-like in my drink! Never again am I drinking out of glass at a college party. Its way to easy to slip things in. And I usually watch it like a hawk, or hand it to someone I trust. I make sure either I pour, or someone I trust does. 

God what a night/morning I've had. 

Its humbling though, when you spend that much time completely out of it, and you (a ) pride yourself on being a girl who can take care of herself and (b ) have no idea what it is that is fucking with your senses and brains, and thus have no idea how to counteract it, or even what you can or can't eat for fear of a bad reaction with whatever residuals might still be in your system. 

random song of the day for you: Enjoy :)

May 27, 2010

Flashy Lights

See, I'm making good on my promise already.

I've been rather turbulent of late, which i shall try to explain through excepted song lyrics. Ready?


"I thought I told yah... I'm a star
You see the ice... You see the cars
Flashy lights... Everywhere we are
Live the night... Like there's no tomorrow"--Jeremih "Imma Star"

I've been trying to live my life as loud as possible. I'm trying to be in every moment. But sometimes I also want to be more under-the-radar, more, well....espionage-ish. If you know me well, then you probably already know that I have a tendency to collect information. I dont use it for anything, and I really dont like gossip, but I do enjoy knowing things and being in the loop. I also have lots of friends in places of power that may or may not be legal, which has a certain appeal to me. Its not a bad-girl attraction, more like a bad-girl complex. Its complicated I guess....


"Whoo Hoo
Well I feel heavy metal
Whoo Hoo
And I'm pins and I'm needles
Whoo Hoo
Well I lie and I'm easy
All of the time and I'm never sure why I need you
Pleased to meet ya"--Blur "Song2"

I'm feeling the harbingers of a lessened-independence summer approaching. I can't be the only one who doesn't want to leave for the summer.  Sure, I love my family, and my job at home. But i'm not looking forward to being forced into driving everywhere, and having to be home at certain hours. And not being able to play with my bellingham friends. But, at the same time, I fell like I need some RadioSilence time away from a certain few individuals up here. So maybe there is a silver lining. 


"Cuz I know better than to be friends with boys with girlfriends
ya, I know better,
ya, I know better,
I know better than that,
I know better
You play the victim and I'll be the bad guy
I know better than that
oh I know better" --Meiko "Boys with Girlfriends"

I always get people in trouble when I do that. I added another to the list yesterday in fact. oi. 


I seem to be slated to be that girl that is best friends with the guys. The best friend they tell everything to. The best friend that girlfriends of the boys get angry with.
 and usually, usually I enjoy this role.
But sometimes it gets me in a shitload of trouble.

Apparently i need to listen to Meiko on this one.

May 17, 2010

Haitus Terminus

I realize I'm a bit behind with this blog lately, but I'm also not too sure how many people actually read this thing, so maybe it doesn't make a difference. Truth to be told, I've been waiting for a storm to blow over before returning to this possibly self-incriminating beast. I guess I will just make a list of the happenings of late and let you make of them what you will.

  • We had our hoedown like we do each fall and spring and it was lovely. Lots of musicians both new and old, lots of new dancers being taught by old ones. A fantastic time to be had by all. 

this picture is from the fall hoedown, haven't had a chance to edit the ones from spring yet.
  •  I had a small fling with someone from work, which I ended early. People should really start learning that its not ok to lie to me. I have a very good gut when it comes to being suspicious of people, and I'm not afraid to cross-check their facts. The short story here is that I got suspicious, did some cross-checking, discovered some habits and lies that I wasnt ok with, and pulled the plug. 

  • Its been super sunny here lately so I'm sunburnt and loving it. It will go tan soon, and I wont be a second sun anymore. 

  • My family came up to visit me this weekend, which was nice. We went camping and did some mountain biking. I love them, they are such a crazy hilarious bunch. I'm probably one of very few college students that not only tells their parents what they get up to, but whose parents are fine with it.

  • I've been pretty stressed about school lately, but am countering that with friends and fun things. Work is also forcing me to manage my time better and more consciously. 

So I suppose the upshot of all of this is merely that I'm under-paid, over-worked, over-stressed, and under my fun quota. Someone should help me fix this. Because I dont do drama well. 

oh and PS my new life goal is to be Ziva David from NCIS. 

May 4, 2010

A Movie Review (sort of late, but whatever)

Last night, I saw The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.
Those are some bad-ass mothers right there. This picture does way more justice to the movie than the posters.

And it was good. It had lots of action and a decent storyline. It even played a bit with symbolism. I was impressed. It does help to know a thing or two about the Catholic church, or you'll miss some of the jokes. However, I don't think it was quite a good as the first Boondock Saints. It lacked some of the repartee and the pace was slightly less. But there more than enough twists to keep you interested and engaged.  I do miss Rocko though. He was my favorite of the first movie, and as much as Romeo tries to fill his shoes, he's shy of the mark. It also helps to know a little spanish because even though there are subtitles, it isnt all subtitled and there's a bit of gutter spanish that is particularly amusing if you speak it. My second favorite character of the first movie, the gay detective, makes a brief appearance at the end, and sets it up for a third installment of the series. There's quite a few flashbacks, so it helps to see the first movie so you know what's going on.  PS I love irish accents. just sayin'.

I watched it with a two really good friends and, as always, the company adds to the movie.

I saw the first Boondock Saints with my youth group in 9th?10th? grade. It was quite the event. Then again, my youth group was rather unorthodox and didnt really abide to many rules. and it was fantastic. Let's just say that not a lot of "church-ish" things happened and leave it at that.

Anyway, loved it then, love it now. 

May 2, 2010

Its Working....

So that new plan I mentioned the other day? Its working out brilliantly. Really it is. I realize this is a little soon to be declaring success, but hey, given the events of this weekend, it would be hard to draw other conclusions.

The Rundown:


Hours of sleep: 2.5
Went to a friend's house to hang with my dudes from the mountain. Lots of fun, stayed up way too late, learned way too much about some people. Would I do it again given the opportunity? You're damn right I would.


Hours of sleep: adequate
Went on a date with a gentleman. Its been a long time since this has happened and I'm very glad it was him. Went out to dinner and then a walk on the beach. More to come on this later.


Hours of sleep: eh, not so bad
Went out to a friend's house for Margaritas. I was made a promise a year and a half ago for a margarita night, and we finally did it. And damn, that kid makes a good margarita. Then some of his friends showed up, which made me the minority. I was one of two women, and one of three Caucasian kids there. Everyone else was Hispanic. That was fine though, and I really enjoyed it. I speak enough Spanish to understand what was being said, so that was fun to laugh in the appropriate places and see the look of bewilderment on their faces. How many blond girls do you know with a Uruguayan accent to their spanish, hmm? Not many. Thanks to four years of Sra Scott in High School, the half english-half spanish conversation was easy to follow.


Hours of Sleep: Plentiful :)Slept in, had lunch with last year's roomie and really good friend. Went to coffee with awesome people that I needed to catch up with. Talked to my momma, and did a smidgen of homework.

So really, an excellent, excellent weekend.

May 1, 2010

Time and Resolution

What happens when you leave time alone? 
and it just does what it wills
like the willful child it is. 

What happens when you quit worrying about the what-ifs 
based on the has-beens?
and time flows like a river which meanders its course regardless of the things in its way?

Things begin to fall into place.
Like new jigsaw puzzles whose pieces fit perfectly and aren't bent up yet.
or like old jigsaw puzzles who pieces are frayed and tattered, but fit easier into their respective places on account of the extra space. 

What happens when you just allow things to happen without an agenda or an ulterior motive? 
Spontaneity wraps you up in all its thousands of colors and whips like the wind over the desolate tundra of prior-laid plans.

Because even the best-laid plans go awry.
and Plans hold captive the wandering foot 
and curious heart. 

So lately I've decided that I'm just going to let cards fall where they will, and quit worrying so much about how others might read my actions. I'm going to start living how I wish I'd been living all along: Awake and Alive. I want to be able to search out adrenaline and use it. I want to be able to look something challenging in the eye and say no, you will fall to me. I want to be aware of each moment and cherish it. I want to leap at opportunity. I want to not be shy of the lesser-mainstream. We'll see how this goes.
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