May 17, 2010

Haitus Terminus

I realize I'm a bit behind with this blog lately, but I'm also not too sure how many people actually read this thing, so maybe it doesn't make a difference. Truth to be told, I've been waiting for a storm to blow over before returning to this possibly self-incriminating beast. I guess I will just make a list of the happenings of late and let you make of them what you will.

  • We had our hoedown like we do each fall and spring and it was lovely. Lots of musicians both new and old, lots of new dancers being taught by old ones. A fantastic time to be had by all. 

this picture is from the fall hoedown, haven't had a chance to edit the ones from spring yet.
  •  I had a small fling with someone from work, which I ended early. People should really start learning that its not ok to lie to me. I have a very good gut when it comes to being suspicious of people, and I'm not afraid to cross-check their facts. The short story here is that I got suspicious, did some cross-checking, discovered some habits and lies that I wasnt ok with, and pulled the plug. 

  • Its been super sunny here lately so I'm sunburnt and loving it. It will go tan soon, and I wont be a second sun anymore. 

  • My family came up to visit me this weekend, which was nice. We went camping and did some mountain biking. I love them, they are such a crazy hilarious bunch. I'm probably one of very few college students that not only tells their parents what they get up to, but whose parents are fine with it.

  • I've been pretty stressed about school lately, but am countering that with friends and fun things. Work is also forcing me to manage my time better and more consciously. 

So I suppose the upshot of all of this is merely that I'm under-paid, over-worked, over-stressed, and under my fun quota. Someone should help me fix this. Because I dont do drama well. 

oh and PS my new life goal is to be Ziva David from NCIS. 


  1. Ziva is a pretty awesome life goal. I love that show :) My life goal is to be Hayley Williams from Paramore lol

  2. thats a pretty good life goal too :)


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