May 2, 2010

Its Working....

So that new plan I mentioned the other day? Its working out brilliantly. Really it is. I realize this is a little soon to be declaring success, but hey, given the events of this weekend, it would be hard to draw other conclusions.

The Rundown:


Hours of sleep: 2.5
Went to a friend's house to hang with my dudes from the mountain. Lots of fun, stayed up way too late, learned way too much about some people. Would I do it again given the opportunity? You're damn right I would.


Hours of sleep: adequate
Went on a date with a gentleman. Its been a long time since this has happened and I'm very glad it was him. Went out to dinner and then a walk on the beach. More to come on this later.


Hours of sleep: eh, not so bad
Went out to a friend's house for Margaritas. I was made a promise a year and a half ago for a margarita night, and we finally did it. And damn, that kid makes a good margarita. Then some of his friends showed up, which made me the minority. I was one of two women, and one of three Caucasian kids there. Everyone else was Hispanic. That was fine though, and I really enjoyed it. I speak enough Spanish to understand what was being said, so that was fun to laugh in the appropriate places and see the look of bewilderment on their faces. How many blond girls do you know with a Uruguayan accent to their spanish, hmm? Not many. Thanks to four years of Sra Scott in High School, the half english-half spanish conversation was easy to follow.


Hours of Sleep: Plentiful :)Slept in, had lunch with last year's roomie and really good friend. Went to coffee with awesome people that I needed to catch up with. Talked to my momma, and did a smidgen of homework.

So really, an excellent, excellent weekend.

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