May 1, 2010

Time and Resolution

What happens when you leave time alone? 
and it just does what it wills
like the willful child it is. 

What happens when you quit worrying about the what-ifs 
based on the has-beens?
and time flows like a river which meanders its course regardless of the things in its way?

Things begin to fall into place.
Like new jigsaw puzzles whose pieces fit perfectly and aren't bent up yet.
or like old jigsaw puzzles who pieces are frayed and tattered, but fit easier into their respective places on account of the extra space. 

What happens when you just allow things to happen without an agenda or an ulterior motive? 
Spontaneity wraps you up in all its thousands of colors and whips like the wind over the desolate tundra of prior-laid plans.

Because even the best-laid plans go awry.
and Plans hold captive the wandering foot 
and curious heart. 

So lately I've decided that I'm just going to let cards fall where they will, and quit worrying so much about how others might read my actions. I'm going to start living how I wish I'd been living all along: Awake and Alive. I want to be able to search out adrenaline and use it. I want to be able to look something challenging in the eye and say no, you will fall to me. I want to be aware of each moment and cherish it. I want to leap at opportunity. I want to not be shy of the lesser-mainstream. We'll see how this goes.

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