May 4, 2010

A Movie Review (sort of late, but whatever)

Last night, I saw The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.
Those are some bad-ass mothers right there. This picture does way more justice to the movie than the posters.

And it was good. It had lots of action and a decent storyline. It even played a bit with symbolism. I was impressed. It does help to know a thing or two about the Catholic church, or you'll miss some of the jokes. However, I don't think it was quite a good as the first Boondock Saints. It lacked some of the repartee and the pace was slightly less. But there more than enough twists to keep you interested and engaged.  I do miss Rocko though. He was my favorite of the first movie, and as much as Romeo tries to fill his shoes, he's shy of the mark. It also helps to know a little spanish because even though there are subtitles, it isnt all subtitled and there's a bit of gutter spanish that is particularly amusing if you speak it. My second favorite character of the first movie, the gay detective, makes a brief appearance at the end, and sets it up for a third installment of the series. There's quite a few flashbacks, so it helps to see the first movie so you know what's going on.  PS I love irish accents. just sayin'.

I watched it with a two really good friends and, as always, the company adds to the movie.

I saw the first Boondock Saints with my youth group in 9th?10th? grade. It was quite the event. Then again, my youth group was rather unorthodox and didnt really abide to many rules. and it was fantastic. Let's just say that not a lot of "church-ish" things happened and leave it at that.

Anyway, loved it then, love it now. 

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