May 29, 2010

The Douchebag Report

Yesterday I was at a birthday party thrown for one of our friends. It was on the smaller side, but respectable nonetheless. It was great fun and there was widespread jubilation on all fronts. We knew nearly everyone there minus maybe 10 people, but we assumed they were friends of friends, so therefore would/should be okay. 

and then, douchebag-ery struck.

We are missing two ipods, a cell phone, a black Helly Hanson jacket, and green DC shoes. So please be on the lookout for these items! Spot 'em on people on campus, around town, or if you have ties like that, the black market. Wherever, just lets all have eyes on the street. 

Just when you thought the damage had been done, the douchebag struck again. Not sure if it was the same douche or not, but for the purposes of this, let's assume that it is. 

Here's the long short: no, wait, you don't want to read that.

Here's the short story: Some asshole put something drug-like in my drink! Never again am I drinking out of glass at a college party. Its way to easy to slip things in. And I usually watch it like a hawk, or hand it to someone I trust. I make sure either I pour, or someone I trust does. 

God what a night/morning I've had. 

Its humbling though, when you spend that much time completely out of it, and you (a ) pride yourself on being a girl who can take care of herself and (b ) have no idea what it is that is fucking with your senses and brains, and thus have no idea how to counteract it, or even what you can or can't eat for fear of a bad reaction with whatever residuals might still be in your system. 

random song of the day for you: Enjoy :)


  1. Oh my God. That was Sarah's party right? Are you kidding me? That's so ridiculous! And it sucks :( also, about having stuff put in your drink... are you ok? I seriously can't believe all that happened at Ben's. I always feel super safe there.

  2. yes, that was Sarah's party.
    I'm ok now, thanks for asking.
    and yeah, I always feel really safe there too. the amount of nights I've spent on the futon should be testament to that haha. it was small too, on the scale of parties at their place. and we can assume that whoever it was doesnt know them very well, because if they were after stuff the highliter party would have been ideal, you know?


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