June 1, 2010

thoughts before bed in a techni-colored overshirt.

so much on the mind. back to the old bulleted-list standard....

  • I have a lab final due very soon, and there's still quite a bit to be done on that. 

  • I have chemistry that needs to be done asap. 

  • I need to get a math project done, which I haven't started, and which by the sounds of it, will be very difficult. 

  • One of my new guy-friends introduced me to his girlfriend today, and I'm still trying to figure out the dynamic. I can't decide how she'll take me hanging out with him. There was an offer to go have a drink, which I declined (surprising, right?) because I need to know whose head is on the chopping block first. I also think he's a really nice guy, and very funny, but I'd really just like to be friends with him without the over-looming drama explosion. and please, she's a freshman. and territorial, so I dont see this ending well. 

  • I went for a run in the mud the other day, which felt fantastic. I want to go again!

  • I have so much choreography running around in my head that its driving me insane. I couldn't concentrate on the rock wall today, because they were playing music and all I could do was think of choreography. 

  • and I have a new love for button-down shirts worn open as overshirts. 

  • I got into a research trip in the fall with my professor, so I'm thrilled about that. Hawaii, here I come!

  • I was told recently by an adopted brother that he wasn't sure if I "peed standing up or sitting down" to which I said "thank you." I love it when i can dress however I want and still that question is asked. I suppose that begs the question of whether the concept of androgyny as it is perceived by others lies in appearance or in personality and actions. maybe a bit of both I think. thoughts?

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