February 9, 2010

A Haircut and a Dash of Cake

Today turned into a Grand Adventure. I went to Hooligans to get a haircut (badly needed). So I called yesterday, set up an appointment for noon, and went downtown today to do it. I was a little early, but that's just how I am, so whatever. I walked to the storefront and Lo and Behold, it was gone! I peered in the windows to see rubble and office chairs with the stuffing coming out, all covered in a fine coating of dust. A bit of the old lettering was still on the windows as well as a tiny sign that declared that they had moved. No kidding. The new address was up on Samish, which is a healthy walk any day (its straight uphill for like 2 miles). So I set out to walk up there. I made it in time for my appointment, which was extraordinary given the amount of distance and elevation I needed to cover in ten minutes. I arrived at Hooligans, which is quite the place. It is painted a bright shade of bad-ass red and has black leather chairs. The tool stations (for haircuts/piercings/tattoos) are industrial workstations (think red and chrome diamond-plating) and are covered in liberal political bumper stickers. The atmosphere of the whole place is quite overwhelming. The bumping tunes are loud enough to be raucous, but not too loud for conversation. The whole place simply oozes badassery. The people are, however, very friendly and chatty, and do remarkable work. And so I got a haircut.  And it was cheaper than I thought it was going to be. And Its a very good haircut.

Following this (and a physics lab) was a trip to the bank to kick some butt (the numbers don't match up) which was resolved, even though the teller was possibly thee single most unhelpful being ever.

Studying then ensued, but was immediatly set aside for the baking of a cake. Among the more valuable things I have learned lies the fact that if you give people cake, they get silly. So that led to a very enjoyable, giggling evening.

I have been doing homework ever since, and felt the need to write, instead of do math.
So there we are.
Mission Accomplished.
and now, back to numbers....

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