September 14, 2010

September Hikes and Stupid People

Because I had a lot of time on my hands before I had to pack, I went hiking.

Hike Number 1
I went up the Teanaway Drainage in the Wenatchee National Forest, and hiked into Gallagher Head Lake.
Its about 4 miles in. Along the way you get to see pretty Sub-Alpine country like this:
and this:

and this:

and then we got the lake, which was gorgeous and looks like this:

Gorgeous, right? Stunning, no? WELL. What you don't see in this picture, because I very carefully kept it out of my shot, is that you can drive to the Lake. Yeah. DRIVE. So there's a huge camp of stupid lazy people tearing around on their dirt bikes and ATVs in this beautiful area. So not environmentally responsible.

Hike number 2 
I went up Rattlesnake Ledge. Not very exciting, or very long, But it was a lovely day and you can see a long ways.
AND the lovely beautiful Glynis hiked it with me, which made it all more enjoyable.


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