September 26, 2010

Peanut Kicking Time

I've just returned from a little over a week on the Kilo Moana.
Its a research vessel owned by the University of Hawaii and the US Navy and operated by UH.
it looks like this:

From here the pictures are nonchronologically ordered, so I'll just caption them...
Sun through cloud breaks. 5 nautical miles Southeast of Kilauea. 

my cousin's dogs: Richelle Chompski and Lucille Fernandez...I kid you not.

our lab.

bridge of the ship!

Mauna Loa...50 nautical miles southeast of the Big Island

Sunrise baby

self portrait

Yellow ginger... there are entire walls of this stuff up on the Pali lookout road
Peanut overboard! Jackie (cheif scientist), Dan (Woods Hole Oceanographical Institute), Mike (AB) and Tim (WHOI as well)

Leaving honolulu for Lo'ihi!

deploying MAGGY :)

Sunset over water

Kilauea ocean entry. The stream of steam is the tubed over lava flowing downhill

03 deck and the bridge

Honolulu at night from the 02 deck

watching our gangway be lifted away by a crane

The other hull! its a catamaran...

justin whipping ropes. we descended upon him and demanded to be taught how. we did all the lines on the ship that day.

Kilauea entry in the evening

view from Pali

LOOK!! a deserted beach! the portugese man o' war were in.

So there's a snapshot of my adventure. maybe i'll write a more detailed report of exactly what science we were doing/what I learned later. 


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