November 11, 2010

This is a bit off-topic...

But here we go anyway.

I'm fairly certain my roommates have tired of hearing about this, so I'm throwing it to you people.

How do you feel about leading on two people at once?

We'll do this in the hypothetical. You know person A a bit and have a had a few really excellent talks while you were in the same place, but now the sole method of communication (due to distance, think halfway around the world) is via the internet. and A seems to be expressing interest in you. Which is fine with you, but A lives across the world, though is now moving to Seattle for a job. Person B was met via the web, though lives in the same town, and also has expressed interest. So is it cool to lead both on? or should I just pick based on how I feel right now?

The consensus seems to be that this is okay, because they dont live in the same town, and there's essentially no chance of them ever meeting.

I just dont think I can reconcile this...I feel like Karma is gonna spin around and bite my ass.


1 comment:

  1. I know how you feel, because most of the time I'm completely incapable of liking 2 guys at once. I freak out that I'm gonna hurt someone. But it's not really true. You haven't committed to either one and I think it's only fair to yourself if you take time to decide which one YOU'RE interested in. So I say go for it. Don't think of it as leading on, think of it as casual dating. It's only bad once you get closer to being in a relationship, but it sounds like you're not there yet. So have fun, play it out and figure out which one works best for you :)


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