March 13, 2010


So I've started growing my own Kombucha. and I'm really excited about it. Kombucha is a bacteria-and-yeast mushroom-looking contraption that actually isnt a mushroom. You brew it in tea and it ferments. I know that sounds disgusting, but I promise you it isnt. Its sort of like the tea with a little carbonation and kind of a tart taste. It looks like this:
The top layer is the baby, the layers under it the momma, and the liquid is strained and bottled for drinking. If you want to try it, you can get it at Fred Meyers in the health section or at a Food Co-op. 

In other news, its Doom Week Finals Week and so the level of studying is kicking up a few notches.
Regardless, I'm planning on going to Contra Dance tonight and wearing my swirliest of skirts. 

And my African Violet is blooming!!

So even though my brain is whirring and turning over way too many things in my head, I have a pretty flower, and brewing Kombucha, and its sunny. 
So all in all, a pretty good day ahead.

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