March 15, 2010

People, Sexuality, and Physics

I'm so very tired of meeting people, befriending them, becoming a part (or so I'd like to think) of their life, and then being ditched. Is it so very hard to become friends these days? Or is it simply enough to acknowledge the commonalities, smile at them, and let them pass by? I'm not saying that everyone I meet is worth becoming besties with, just that I'm a bit tired of living in acquaintance-land. There are a few people who I would truly love to be a bigger part of their lives, but have absolutely no idea how to go about doing that without being overbearing and imposing. I could, and usually do, think that if they don't want me around they will tell me to take a hike, or at least turn down the offer to do something/hang out/whatever. But there's that whole other category of folks  for whom I am a "temporary best friend" that they confide in, and tell everything to, but then the wind changes and I'm left standing in a dust-storm of cluelessness.
I become so confused when for a while I am the one they call to share good news with, to complain to, to study with, and then suddenly they are completely gone for a stretch. Did I do something? If you tell me, I can fix it. I take criticism well. Just don't vanish, alright?

Upon reading this back, I am aware that it sounds like an angsty teenager. That is disgusting. Ugh.
Just wish that people wouldn't bounce on out of my life without so much as a goodbye.

On a cheerier note, the amount of discussions about sex and sexuality have risen, and this makes me happy because I enjoy talking about that sort of thing with people who ordinarily wouldn't talk to me about that. I find it extremely interesting to note the perspectives that people have regarding those topics. We are sexual beings after all, and we are the generation that gets to decide what's taboo to talk about, so it only makes sense to talk about it.

Ok, well back to studying for the physics test that my professor so inadequately prepared us for.

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