March 16, 2010

Road Itch

I went to the grocery store today, which usually isnt a cause for a blog. Except for in this case it is. I was there for approximately half an hour (I treat grocery shopping like I do all shopping, Get In, Get what you Need, Get the Hell Out), and the spectacles just kept coming one after another. There was a lady who opened the bulk dried mango, grabbed them with her hands and furiously shoved them into a bag as fast as possible. The older gentleman who also witnessed this gave me a well-there-you-go-whatcha-gonna-do look. I hustled on out of there. Then there was the overly-friendly pharmacist who wanted to have a long conversation. I hustled on out of there too, only to become stuck behind a group of abercrombie-and-legging clad girls walking impossibly slow.

Once I was back in the car, I had a road itch moment. Road itch is defined by me as the feeling when you need to up stakes and drive fast for long distances to loud music. I get this feeling like I've got to feel the centripetal force in my car, the wind in my hair, the road fly by. It usually signifies some need for change and/or moving on. I think this is appropriate.

In other news, its my favorite teacher's birthday today. She's the best ever. If I'm half person she is, I'll call it a success. Happy Birthday Ms. McCormick. You = Awesome.

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