January 16, 2011


So much rain on Mt Baker today. 
Let me see if I can paint you an appropriate picture of the monsoon. 

There was a river running down the parking loop.
My gloves weigh 80 pounds....each. and I wore a different pair in the afternoon.
I wore rubberized commercial fishing overalls/bibs...and I was still soaked.
My blue turtleneck (under two coats and a sweater) got so wet the dye started to color my wrists blue. 
They blasted for avalanches at around 1pm to make sure the snowpack was stable, and we heard slides let go. 

But surprisingly the snowpack on the training course we set held up, and the snow was (weirdly) fast. 
and next weekend I travel with the team--Super Excited for that!

But yeah, defintly could have done without being soaked to my underwear.

And now my room smells like a ski lodge because things are in here drying...which is awesome and disgusting at the same time.

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