January 18, 2011


Just some facts I felt like sharing because Facebook is so yesteryear. (remember that 25 things craze about a year ago? here's a throwback)

1.) Once my family and I were marooned on a rocky outcropping for three days in Canada due to really bad eddies/whirlpools/tides.
2.) I have been on 'vacations' we weren't allowed to talk about.
3.) I cut my own hair tonight. It went well.
4.) I really love making food for other people.
5.) I'm a little creeped out by the fact that I am beginning to enjoy math.
6.) I am now certain that I made a good choice of majors.
7.) I love chocolate.
8.) I dont get bitchy around PMS time.
9.) but if I am tired enough, watch out. Bitch-fest.
10.) I really love my job on Baker because I get to ski with high-caliber skiers and coach high-caliber athletes.
11.) No kids. ever.
12.) I got checked out today by the bank teller.
13.) I think vodka tastes like lighter fluid. That's probably because its the first ingredient in it.
14.) I am a self-titled health nut.
15.) I love food that takes forever to cook and involves local ingredients.
16.) I'd rather have a potluck with friends than a party..though I love to dance.
17.) I am a classically-trained Irish Dancer, but I really enjoy working in modern dance movements and melding the two.
18.) If you flaunt authority, I will buck it.
19.) If you earn your authority, I will respect you.
20.) I have recently rediscovered the guitar..and now homework is looking less inviting.
21.) I wish I had more time to drum...and I wish I had people to play with.
22.) I have new rock-climbing buddy! yay!
23.) I am way happier as one-of-the-guys, than feeling like I have to be feminine.
24.) I am also way happier single. Its a long story.
25.) Bellingham is the best thing since sliced bread.

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