January 15, 2011

Episode 2

More tasty food!

Marie Rose Shrimp

Find some couscous. (its not a grain, its bits of pasta chopped teensy).
Put 1 cup of chicken broth in a small pot, boil it.
Add 1 cup of the couscous, take it off the heat, slap a lid on it, and leave it alone for 12 minutes. How's that for easy?
During those 12 minutes, defrost some raw shrimp, and take their shells off.
Put a little veggie oil in a pan, put the heat on medium low and let the pan warm up * its important to let the oil heat up with the pan, otherwise it spits oil and can burn you and make a hell of a mess*
Drop 10-15 shrimp in the pan. Immediately shake lots of paprika over them.
Let them cook all the way through, until the insides are white and not translucent, shaking and stirring the pan.
When they are cooked through, take another bowl and mix a spoonful or two of mayo, and tablespoon or so of ketchup, and a splash of lemon juice together. If you happen to have Worschester sauce around, throw a capful in, if not, dont worry about it.

Put the couscous on a plate, drop the shrimp on top and drizzle over the mayo mixture. If you like green beans, they go brilliantly with this.

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