April 16, 2010

Day of Silence 2010, and mah peeps

So today was Day of Silence, though you'd never know it. No banner, no giant table in Red Square filled with buttons, very few participants, terrible publicity. Last year this was huge. What happened?!

I talked to one of my best guys friends since elementary school that I've stayed in touch with from the valley days. It was fantastic. I usually talk to him once every couple months, and we were way overdue. It was lovely to share what's been happening in our lives. Just goes to show you that guys and girls can just be friends. Just friends. and really good ones at that. In high school we caused quite the stir, as he was one of the punk-rocker kids and I generally wore lots and lots of color. So us walking down the hall or riding the bus laughing our faces off was a little off-putting for some. My mother got calls from other concerned mothers about "the bad decisions" I was making. Bitch please, this is my best friend. My mother defended me to the other carnivorous mothers. Finally we decided it was just better to introduce our selves as brother and sister, and leave the new person guessing at who was adopted (we look nothing alike).

ah, trips down memory lane....

Now I'm off to go celebrate some new friends as well as old.
Cheers all, I love you!

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