April 15, 2010


Take Back the Night, for those who don't know, is a women-identified rally and march for women's rights, choice, and the right to feel safe in the streets of our community. It's an extremely powerful event and one that happens all across the world.
Last TBtN I did it by myself. I didn't know anyone and just went with the horde of yelling, cheering people.
This year was a whole different ball of wax. I marched with my best friend, and one of my best guy friends held a candle in the candle-light vigil that is held for men while the women are marching their parade route. I recognized
friends in the march, and recognized several of the speakers at the rally.  We even had police escort.

As we went through downtown Bellingham, people came out of bars, restaurant, and houses and cheered us on.

I love living in such a supportive community.

Fuck patriarchy. Fuck sexism, racism, anti-gay. You can't take our night away.

and now, I have no voice, but that's okay, because Day of Silence is tomorrow :)

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