April 8, 2010


  •  I can not play my drum for a week and a half (left it home), pick it up, and not totally embarrass myself. Just a little, but that's normal.
  • I need to stop going in search of approval of my music. I practice, I play, and this is what results. I'm working on it, but I need to not go searching for people to give credence to my music. It's my creation, and I get to do it however I want. I do however, enjoy constructive criticism. I don't enjoy being left out of the musical community though. It seems that it is the nature of the beast, that all drum players are sectioned off from the rest of the musical community as those "noise-making" ne'er-do-wells. Oh well, perhaps we are, but don't hold it against us. At the same time, I'd sort of like someone to be like "oh hey that's cool, what's that instrument called?
  • I need to eat more sustainably, but its so hard without a kitchen. I want to make food!
  • I enjoy dancing, but only when there's truth to it. If I can feel the piece of music, I can dance it. If I can feel the energy of the other dancers, I can dance it. I can't dance without passion.
 Life = Passion = Dance. 
  • I kind of wish I was a little more hippy/ indie than I am currently. I need a hippie-mother to take me under her wing and show me the ropes. 

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