April 11, 2010

smoking and badassery

Sometimes I think I'd like to take up smoking —  not cigarettes though. Those are gross. Sometimes when I walk across campus I get stuck behind someone smoking something that smells like cinnamon. That's what I want. Either that or some fatty cigar the belches blue smoke that I can carelessly blow over my shoulder like the wannabee-hippie/hipster I am. I know that hippie and hipster are two different things. But whatever. Actually I know I want the cinnamon  thing, whatever it is. Cinnamon can't be bad for me, right?

I've added a new phrase to the vocabulary. It has badassery written all over it.
 "Fuck that noise" 
It's a general disapproving of the current situation/discussion that needs an emphatic ending. You could be verbose, or you can cut to the quick with your surfer-dude, indie-kid vernacular and impose your all-encompassing knowledge on the weak-minded public. Your choice, grasshopper.


  1. Clove cigarettes are probably what your whiffing. Still tobacco, only it tastes nice. I've smoked a few in my day, and can safely say that while it is an enjoyable and tingly experience, it will still leave a nasty feeling in the back of your throat whether or not you inhale.

  2. Definitely clove cigarettes. They smell better, but taste sort of sweet, which is kind of gross... hahah. Cloves are super hipster, too. :P


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