January 19, 2010

The City Sleeps

I've always enjoyed walks at night. Unfortunatly, in the small town in which I grew up, doing so is likely to get you a) shot by the neighbors or b) eaten by a cougar/bear/elk/four-legged toothy beast. So a lot of room for error, is what I'm saying. But I do very much enjoy them, especially with the right people. I always feel compelled to discuss the meaning of the cosmos, or some other heady subject like my deepest secrets.
Or whatever.
But I did go for a lovely walk this evening with my boyfriend, which was very enjoyable and entirely too short. But as both of us must get up at 6 tomorrow (ugh), the night had to be cut prematurely short. However, we are meeting for an early breakfast tomorrow, which is almost as lovely. I also have fantastic french-press locally-roasted coffee, so that will be tasty. I also have some lovely bagels and neufchatel* cheese, which is somewhat akin to God for us lactose-intolerant people.

Also this evening was an Open Mic night at the local underground coffee house, so I went and listened to:
  • Terrible Original Guitar
  • Pretty Good Original Guitar
  • A Duo of Flat-picked Guitar and Vocals, accompanied by a steel saw and aptly named "The Something Sisters" --I kid thee not
  • Terrible Covers of Two Already Terrible Songs on Guitar
  • A Truly Horrendous comedian whose intro song was better than his act
  • Stellar Bluegrass Mandolin
  • An Amazing Cover of "Fingerdance" by Billy Maclaughlin

After a Nasty Battle with numbers (math and physics homework) I think I will hit the sack early. I'm tired, and tomorrow promises to be arduously long.

*spelling is most likely wrong.

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