January 26, 2010

What the Hell people??

It seems that everyday I get on facebook, there's someone else I knew in high school that is either
a) married
b) has a kid
c) both.
The count is dangerously high these days.
When did this happen?? It may be just that because I don't want kids I'm hypersensitive to people my age (and younger) with them. I want to know why they aren't doing something with their life. It is here, I'm sure, that they would argue that they are doing something with their life, and it happens to be make-a-family. But seriously, why are you not in school? or if you can't afford it, why are you not working? I can barely afford it, but I work two jobs and take as many credits as I can to get my money's worth.

This is the sad story of what happens if you don't get out of town as soon as you physically can. You spiral downwards into hick-dom. You start wearing Carharts (ugh), and dating other Carhart-wearing-wannabe-badasses (double ugh), and driving lifted mudding trucks everywhere. Then as the factors converge, you begin to talk 'valley'. You start talking about hunting/guns/dogs/trucks/chicks. Once you fall in deeper, you start spouting conservative fundamentalist christian crap that you're being force fed from all directions.

So a message to anyone at Mt. Si:  Strike for glory, reach for the stars, buck all the stereotypes.You  deserve better than to be trapped in that hell-hole of conservatism. Be your own person, instead of what Mt. Si says is cool.
You can do it. I believe in you.

Edit: I mean this in no way to be offensive to anyone in the valley who has no way out. This is entirely my opinion and is not to be taken personally in any sense. I am merely suggesting that there are bigger and better things to behold in the world and that maybe getting out there and seeing them might be a good idea. If you still feel the need to go back to the valley after that, well, the choice is yours and I won't judge you for it. 

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