January 19, 2010

Emotions of a Two-Headed Gorgon

Today is one of those days in which nothing actually goes wrong, but you feel like shit anyways. It may have something to do, I fear, with which house the moon might be in at any given moment.
Right, because that bullshit respectable science determines your future.
So silly of me to forget.

At any rate, the emotional roller coaster has been in full swing, if you'll pardon the pun. Now, its important to note that I fall into the rather stoic end of the spectrum, so this sort of wanton female behavior is unwelcome here. Keep your whining to yourself; no one wants to see that.

I also noticed that I walk, when alone, extremely fast across campus. Its not that I'm insecure, or feel vulnerable, or anything of that nature, I'm just walking to a beat. As a drummer, this is normal. Hopefully, this will actually transpose into my playing so I don't make of fool of myself quite as often.

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