January 25, 2010

Houses, Mountains, and a Pool

So  we (next year's roommates) walked around a large portion of the student housing districts of Bellingham (High and Garden Streets, the York district and the Historic district) on saturday. It was, for the most part, lovely. We found some lovely houses and are beginning the housing hunt. It's all very exciting! I also made a hot fudge cake, which was very tasty, and if you want the recipe for it, let me know. It was very(!) well received by all members of the house.
In fact, I believe they ate it all.

On Sunday, I went to Mt. Baker to coach the race team, like I do every week. It was snowing and windy, but lots of fun. We ran GS and Slalom courses and the kids did very well, even if the ruts were gigantic and offered to eat them. But we skied hard and today I'm sore... but the good kind of sore that says it won't hurt so much next time. Also skied several top-to-bottom-ers down mogul fields, so that probably figures heavily into why I hurt today. Will someone please explain to me why(?!) female snowboarders feel the need to wear not enough clothes?? It's a freakin' blizzard out there and they seem to think that snowpants and a tank top is enough. ai yi yi. Its girls like you who give female skiers/snowboards a bad rap.
Thanks, love you too.

Today after class I went and swam laps, which felt heavenly. It was just one of those days where hitting the wall with a big flipturn feels wonderful. Butterfly is a tad rusty, but its coming back to where it was. And I had a lovely lane-sharer.  Now hopefully I won't embarrass myself quite as badly on Wednesday when I do a skillscheck at the pool. At least not quite as much.

More and more I find myself wishing that I have my bike with me, so I'm going to get it when I go back to my parent's house next. Its a big huge mens mountain bike, but I love it. I'm pretty sure it climbs trees when I'm not around. There are a ton of shallow, broadly treaded stairs on campus, so I'm going to try to ride down them on my bike. It will either be a roaring success or a hilarious failure. Its not going to fit in with all the road bikes around campus, but how many of their bikes can do singletrack, I ask you.
Yeah, that's what I thought. Not many.

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