January 20, 2010


So during a "blinding flash of productivity" today—several errands accomplished at mach speeds (sorry physics prof, I meant velocity)— my cohort in crime and I discussed the reasons why we are are not fans of the terms boyfriend/girlfriend as forms of identification when introducing aforementioned partner to a third party for whom the information that we are dating is not imperative to their existence at the moment. We are adults now, so don't we get a new adult-like term to describe our status? The current one is so, I don't know, high school. We aren't boys and girls anymore, we're men and women. But manfriend and womanfriend sounds funny. But, as my novio* brought up, introducing them as your girlfriend is like saying Mrs. John Doe, or implying that the only salient feature of their personality is that they happen to be dating you.

In light of this, we're trying out new terms. It's difficult, though, to come up with terms that don't have some form of inherent superiority implied by them. Accomplice is nice, so are cohort and co-conspirator.

On a personal note, I feel like crap due to medication dosage malfunctions, and have a gigantic
cup of tea. Hopefully this will help!

* novio: spanish for boyfriend. I suppose just saying it in another language doesn't change the implications of the word though, does it?

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