January 18, 2010

I have a pain...

despite the best efforts of the boyfriend to banish the knots that plague my neck.
I did, after all ski moguls hard yesterday. So i'm sore all over.

But I did spent the day pleasantly, if unproductively. Black coffee, the lifeblood of the student, a  toasted bagel with a slight hint of homemade strawberry jelly started off a late, windy morning. We awoke to a roommate gift of decor: he had hung dried, pressed leaves from the ceiling surrounding the chandelier. Suddenly the 1970s wallpaper (gold and peach leaves) didn't seem so dreary.

Grocery -and more coffee- gathering from the local Food Co-op rounded out the morning, after which we made our way upwind towards home. From here it's decidedly less interesting, though decidedly more studious.

I'm reading a book for class on gender norms which, though chewy reading, is very interesting. As a person that doesn't fall easily (read rejects) into masculine/feminine categories, it makes for very pertinent reading.
Rock on, my androgynous siblings.
Though a bit cantankerous now (tired, lots of stuff to do tomorrow) I've had a good day. Tomorrow brings classes again, and homework, though I may go swim laps to take the edge off the stress.

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